Welcome to Math.Dev! A website focused on the intersection of maths & technology. I am currently working on various mathematical software using Common Lisp and this website documents all my knowledge in Lisp, Emacs, Computer Science and Mathematics (more to come later on this - right now my focus is on the technology stack). In addition, this website serves as my public facing blog and also as a document store for valuable resources I come across.

I hope you enjoy and find Math.Dev a useful resource for you. I love to chat and get feedback from others, so please do drop me an e-mail at [email protected] if you have similar interests and would like to chat some more. If you yourself work on Mathematical software, I would especially like to hear from you! :)

A reasonable amount of my work is available on my GitHub profile, so check me out there!

Lisp Resources

  1. Common Lisp by Example - My ongoing introductory guide for Common Lisp

Emacs Resources

This website was built entirely with Org-Mode. I will shortly publish an article on how to achieve this, stay tuned!

Math Resources

  1. RPN 30 - My highly rated Reverse Polish Notation calculator for iPhones.

It has over 15,000 downloads and counting :-) I will add a selection of its reviews here shortly.

Computer Science Resources

I am currently reading The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms by Alfred Aho, Jeffrey Ullman and John Hopcroft. I will publish a concise summary here as I work through this book.

Other Resources

  1. Beautiful PDFs from HTML - My tutorial on using Paged.Js to produce paginated

media from HTML. It has been read over 20,000 times. A good read for anybody looking to automate PDF report generation by taking advantage of Chrome's rendering engine (preferably in a headless setup). The accompanying Hacker News discussion can be found here.

Author: Ashok Khanna

Date: 24 July 2021

E-mail: [email protected]