Human. Writing software. Empowering teams. Living for a better world, a meaningful journey, and authentic relationships along the way. Sharing about the software, teams, and entrepreneurship.

I believe in “Entrepreneurship” as a sustainable model. Startups create mission-driven jobs, nurture friendships, team culture, and make everyone work together on making a positive impact on the world.

📍 Currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. 🏝 (Past: Reunion -> Paris -> London -> Berlin -> Geneva)

Personal Projects

  • Scholia (2018-2019) Online workspaces for education
  • Bookshelf (2017-now) 50+ book readings and notes
  • doppel.io (2016-2017) SaaS Recommendation engine

Academic Research

Engineering degree at CentraleSupélec in Computer Science + graduated with a Master in Management (Entrepreneurship) at ESCP Business School.

  • Normes et Standards pour l’Education (with the French Ministry of Education)

Hobbies and Interests

  • Entrepreneurship and projects that matter
  • Web and technology

Favorite Books


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